Smoky Mountains Chaplaincy

A traditional faith-based community chaplaincy program for individuals and organizations alike.

About Us


Smoky Mountains Chaplaincy’s mission is to be a light in the depth of pain and hope in the day-to-day with comprehensive chaplain care for first responders, veterans, social and healthcare workers, fellow clergy and their staff, and the community as needed.

Our Staff

Anthony Rahaim
Senior Chaplain, Executive Director, and Founder.

Smoky Mountains Chaplaincy was started as an idea back in 2015 when Chaplain Tony was getting reacquainted with his faith; while also realizing that four decades of public service in both the military and law enforcement were coming to an end.

Get Involved

Regular volunteers

Persons wishing to become volunteer staff on a regular basis (beyond an event or two) with our chaplaincy must…

Chaplain candidates

Persons wishing to join our team as a chaplain must have the written recommendation of the senior clergy member from their house of worship,

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We’d love to hear from you with any comments or questions.
Smoky Mountains Chaplaincy
P.O. Box 1067, Mountain Home, N.C. 28758   828-476-8142

North Carolina Secretary of State  ID# C2023 272 00887  and or  Internal Revenue Service  ID# 93-3871844

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